Spirit of Christmas Wax Melts - The Aromas of My Past |

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Spirit of Christmas Wax Melts - The Aromas of My Past

November 30, 2021

Spirit of Christmas Wax Melts - The Aromas of My Past

Growing up in Hong Kong in the 1960’s I was surrounded by sensory overload on every level. The colour, the heat, the noise but most importantly the smells! There was the wonderful aroma of cooking on every street corner and the brutal smell of extreme poverty, all mingled into one big pot of human aroma that had a very distinctive smell. If I close my eyes I can still smell and taste that unique odour that only Asia has. Walking into the food shops was a full body, ‘blow me away experience’, especially for a child. Jars of unknown pickles in jars, spices of every colour in little bags and dried fruit from all over china, my favourite being sour plums, which hit you with a mix of sweet and sour that had you sucking in your cheeks and begging for more!

Not surprisingly at a young age I had already acquired a very sensitive nose. I am very emotive about smells and their association with places. When we first came to England in 1971, I was in shock! Firstly, I found it hard to understand how people lived in such a cold country and secondly there were no smells? Gradually I came to realise that England does have a distinct smell and seasons that smell too. The aromas of the land were different. Subtle and gentle, falling leaves in autumn, the smell of crisp white snow in winter and the delicate perfume of  snowdrops in spring. Gradually I became acclimatised to the scent of the land and have come to love them with a passion. Christmas always evokes for me the smell of fir trees, cinnamon in apple and plum crumbles and cloves pushed into apples for decorating our tree. This year I have created wax melts to evoke all that makes me feel good about Christmas time. I have hand-blended clove, cinnamon and a touch of ginger warmth to light up your home evoking  feelings of goodwill, peace and loving kindness at the shortest and darkest days to uplift and bring joy. They are called Spirit of Christmas and I know you will love them.

christmas wax melt burner
You can buy a single tin of our Spirit of Christmas Wax Melts or you can combine them with our new star wax melt burner that gives off a beautiful christmassy glow.
With love,
Sarah x x