Intuitive Psychic Development Online Course (Part 1)


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This course has been designed to help open your natural intuition and connect with the guidance that is flowing to you from Universal Love. I know that we are all naturally gifted psychics who have the inbuilt abilities to interpret so much more to life than just using our 5 normal senses.

Course Includes;

  • Introduction to Chakras and our 5 senses
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Working with our guides
  • The basic 7 Clairs
  • Moving into the Portal Chakra
  • Opening and Closing Chakra Meditations
  • Language of Spirit
  • Overcoming Our Ego
  • Learn how to do readings


I am a great believer in empowering everyone with direct communication from Source Energy, and there is no better way than to follow your own internal guidance and wisdom. This empowering course will show you how to easily open the chakras and learn to work with your guidance to give clear, easy, and safe readings either for yourself or for others.

It combines the Zephorium teachings, with chakras, working with guides, learning how to meditate into a place of receiving, and how to interpret what you receive. I am so excited to be bringing forward this online training. Having taught hundreds of people how to do this in my workshops over the years, I have seen first-hand the freedom it can bring by giving you back your power. With set practices, videos, audios and handouts, you can be confident in your readings and helping to empower others.

I hope you enjoy this course and enjoy living with an expanded sense of self as you move through the training and gain new confidence in life.



  • How long will the training take? The training is designed so you can go through the course and learn at your own pace.

  • Is the course accredited?

    No it isn't. This course is for personal development.

  • Can I pay for the course in instalments?

    Yes you can. You can via Clearpay with 4 interest free payments or if you have paypal credit you can pay in 3 monthly instalments.

  • Will there be work that has to be assessed?

    No, this course is for you, you will be asked to practice readings on others but this is for your personal development. Sarah will not be marking work or involved in your progress unless you need to email with questions and advise.

  • Will my access to the course expire?

    No, as long as our training platform is available this course will be available.

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Kennedy
Intuitive psychic development course part 1,

So far into the course ,I am really enjoying it, lots of information, well laid out. Love the meditations ,if a little hard to hear. Meeting the guides is amazing! Thank you.