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 Launched in 2012, by Sarah Cox, who, for the last 20 years has been an energy healer, counsellor, psychic medium and motivational speaker.

At Zephorium, we believe in the power of our vibrational world, and that our thoughts and beliefs create reality. We create not just individually but collectively too! We want to make the world a better place and to help hold the intention of a happy and prosperous planet in which to live. Our aim is to be part of the solution. Positive affirmations, high vibrational crystal energy and top quality aromatherapy, colour and intention, can help change our focus from negative to positive and take back control of our lives. On the back of each bottle there is a powerful affirmation, and as you use these fabulous products, repeat the affirmations as often as possible. Sit back and enjoy the sensations, use your mind, monitor youth thoughts, and allow these positive energies to radiate through your body.

The beautiful colours of the glass bottles are linked to the body’s energy (chakra) system making the link between mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Within each of our product collections there are 8 unique fragranced soul tonics to choose from, all containing this powerful vibrational mix, which culminate in a wonderful blend of positivity. Zephorium oils are now being used globally by individuals and therapists alike, as powerful catalysts for profound change. We have hundreds of therapists from all different modalities using them in their clinics. From yoga teachers, talk therapists, body and beauty therapists, reiki, deep tissue workers and many more, the list is growing daily.

Uplifting aura sprays, affirmation candles, massage/body oils, aromatherapy bath salts, organic essential oil blends and holistic skincare formulate Zephorium’s collection of vibrational wellbeing products.

Many of our customers like to use them daily. They pick the one they feel they need that day, or they work on a specific emotional issue until it is done and then move onto the next chakra. There is no right or wrong way to use them! Trust that whatever you are drawn to is perfect for you. It’s all about taking back your power and finding freedom from painful thoughts and feelings. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have creating them. 

Every bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention. 


About Our Founder


Sarah Cox Zephorium Soul Tonic FounderHello! I am Sarah Cox the founder of Zephorium. I have a long history of working as an energy therapist, counsellor, medium and multi-faith minister all of which I enjoyed enormously. Then one night in 2012 I literally had a big ‘download’ of information to create Zephorium. It literally popped into my head fully formed and I was ‘instructed’ to bring it into the world. I started with one product - the range of 8 body oils which I showed to fellow therapists who loved them and it went on from there. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. I followed my guidance and continue to do so and 10 years later we have created a very unique company focusing on positivity and profound change that is expanding around the world.  I see it as a network of light workers surrounding our planet, changing each person, one heart at a time. I am now surrounded by a gorgeous team of beautiful souls, that also happen to include my niece and my sister. Together we run Zephorium, creating, blending, designing and teaching every day from our workshops in Sussex and Derby. It truly is a small, family run business that puts love, joy, integrity and positive intention into everything we do. You can enjoy them as they are, or if you wish to join our group of therapists don’t hesitate to get in touch and I hope to meet you one day!


“My vision is always to empower people through understanding that we all have choices. Life is not a random event to which we are helpless bystanders but a thrilling ride of self empowerment. As we learn to become aware of our thoughts creating our reality, we become co-creators of this magnificent experience we call life. These products are self-empowering tools for transformation and I wish you great joy and peace as you allow them to guide you. Every bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention.”

 Sarah Cox – Founder and Managing Director


My Journey....


I began my working life as a designer in London. It didn’t take me long to realise the life of high stress, deadlines and commuting was not for me.

Life finally bought me to my knees in the recession of the early 90’s. It was a time to deeply re-assess my life and beliefs. I began training as a counsellor and set up and ran a photography business whilst training to be an Energy Therapist in 1997. I opened my healing clinic in 1999 firstly in Surrey and then in Brighton, Wimbledon, Somerset, Suffolk and finally Midhurst where I now live.

As a natural psychic I have always had many spiritual experiences which culminated in my decision to train as an Interfaith Minister and I was ordained in 2007.  In 2002 I co-founded with Yvette Richards the Satvik Energy School, a 2 year intensive training for personal empowerment and healing whilst becoming energy healers. Over the years we have trained many therapists who are doing great work in the community.  

The concept of Zephorium came to me in the middle of the night the day we moved to Suffolk! It popped into my head in one big ‘download’ right down to the recipes for the bottles. It felt important to begin right away and we launched 6 months later. I am thrilled with the products we are producing and feel very privileged to be working on something so wonderful and empowering. I hope you enjoy using the products as much as I  have enjoyed creating them.