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Procrastination and Meditation!

January 24, 2021

Procrastination and Meditation!

I have heard so many people say over the years, that they don’t have, or can’t find the time for meditation. So my question is, how are you doing if you are lucky enough to have the time now?

Interesting isn’t it how easy it is to always find something elseto do other than meditation! No matter how busy or not, something can always get in the way to prevent it. Now I hear things such as, “I can’t be bothered, I am too tired”! So why do we block it and why do you think we do that? I think fundamentally it comes down to discipline and self-care. The two are linked in my mind, not just with meditation but with all aspects of our life. How many people do we know for example who are disciplined with even something simple as what food they put in their mouths!!

We can only get good self-discipline if we care for ourselves and feel worthy enough to do something that will benefit us long and short term. With our culture having been so externally focused it can initially feel strange, self-indulgent or even a waste of time to spend a portion of the day in silence and diving deeply within. It is almost as if we have to drag our bodies into a chair screaming and kicking as it does not want what we are offering. Then when the silence hits, the monkey mind starts to dance all over our thoughts like a naughty child demanding our attention!

The discipline comes when we just keep showing up no matter the noise going on within us. In a very short period of time you will find yourself becoming quieter and stiller until you will look forward to it with relish. The crazy mind may still make a noise, but you learn to tune out of the chaos and into the peace of eternal silence. Then suddenly one day within the silence a new sound is heard. New colours explode in your head and you experience a connection with an energy that is brighter, bolder and more loving than anything you can experience in your physical incarnation. Just do it, one day at a time.


With love, Sarah x

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