Modern day Prophets, 2 important messages for us all to

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Modern day Prophets, 2 important messages for us all to ponder! - An article by Sarah Cox, founder of Zephorium Soul Tonic, featuring Brix Smith Start

April 18, 2020

Modern day Prophets, 2 important messages for us all to ponder! - An article by Sarah Cox, founder of Zephorium Soul Tonic, featuring Brix Smith Start

These are no ordinary times and the potential for spiritual growth now is vast. A few years ago Caroline Myss wrote about this, in her book ‘Mystics without Monasteries’ and many of us at the time, resonated with the challenge of having one foot in each world; the earth world and the spiritual un-manifested world. I am fascinated by the different ways this calling comes to us all, and would like to give an example of this variety with an ongoing psychic student of mine these last 12 years, Brix Smith Start.

Naturally vivacious and open-minded, Brix has been a joy to work with, as first she cleared her own personal ‘stuff’ and then emerged as a lovely clear channel for spiritual guidance and channelling.

Singer, guitarist and key song writer in the legendary band The Fall, Brix spent over two decades revolutionising British post punk and breaking the glass ceiling of female empowerment within the music industry.  Brix then became a high end fashion guru opening a chain of shops, with husband Philip Start and worked alongside Gok Wan….on TV’s Goks Fashion Fix with her lovely pugs Pixie and Gladys. Now in a new stage of her music career, Brix started a new band with former members of The Fall and they are now known as  Brix and the Extricated.

When she started touring again a few years ago I was excited for her, but also a little concerned that she might be in situations that can be energetically dark, with drugs, clubs, bars, booze and all that can bring with it. She assured me that she would take great care of her energy and clear the spaces prior to concerts and call in the light. As she says, “Because I am so sensitive to energy, and in order to create and perform, I must open myself up as a channel. It is vital that I do so in an energetically safe environment”.

Brix really understands the power of intention and vibration, as she explains, “vibration is the key here. Vibration is the rate and speed in which the particles dance, and the density or space in which they are packed”.

Zephorium Aura SpraysShe uses my Zephorium Chakra Aura Sprays as part of her survival kit and it is so lovely to see how a singer songwriter sees my products in such a beautiful way. Brix has Synaesthesia, which is a neurological condition that causes the brain to process data in the form of several senses at once. For example, a person with synaesthesia may hear sounds while also seeing them as colourful swirls. She explains, “for me, my synaesthesia takes its form in the symbiotic connection between colour and sound. For example, every colour I see, emits a sound and vice versa, when I listen to music, I see colours.” This is how she describes my products.


“The bottles of Zephorium Soul Tonic are beautiful. Their colours correlate to the colours of the Chakras. But to me they actually sing. They are joyous little high vibrating jars, lined up like a harmonious rainbow on my shelf. Just holding the bottles in my hand, or looking at the colours, work to delicately lift my spirit."

In October 2019 Brix’s latest album was released, called Super Blood Wolf Moon and was actually written about this strange experience we are all having right now, although she didn’t realise just how channelled it was or what was coming. The first time I heard the whole album I thought wow, this is prophetic, I just didn’t realise quite how in tune she was! I think the opening track called Strange Times says it all! The words to Strange Times are at the bottom of this article for your contemplation.


Through Brix's recent channelling there are two important messages she would like to share with you all;

1. Be very careful what you ask for! Collectively we have worshiped the god of ‘going viral’. We have been using that term across the planet to describe something that spreads across the planet as if it is the pinnacle of human success. Getting a YouTube clip to go viral has been held as the height of many peoples dream…Well we are all now going viral, we just didn’t realise what the implications of that desire meant! Remember, we get what we ask for, wanted or unwanted.

2. For many years we have used the term 20/20 for perfect vision to describe perfect sight. Her guides say that the year 2020 will be the time for removing our individual and collective masks. To remove the illusions and see clearly for the first time in millennia what is really going on here on Earth.

It’s all happening folks because WE have been asking, and so it comes to us. This enforced lockdown is a time to seriously ponder what it is we want to create and what it is that makes us happy.

Huge love

Sarah x


Brix's Spiritual survival kit:

Palo Santo wood (Holy Wood)

Florida Water (to use in place of Palo Santo where it is unsafe to light the wood)

Zephorium Crystal Chakra Aura spray ;

    -Lapis Lazuli (Clarity Vision)

    -Ruby ( Strength Grounding)

    -Amethyst (Calm Wisdom)

 A crystal pendulum

 A crystal wand

Labradorite (mineral stone)


Brix’s cleansing ritual for home and performance spaces.

Brix Smith Start

I have a ritual of spiritually cleansing any space I work in. Clubs, theatres, and bars are energetically filthy.  When I enter a space that I feel needs cleansing, the first thing I do is light a stick of Palo Santo Wood. I walk through the space, making sure the smoke gets into the corners as well as the centre of the rooms. While doing this, I mentally intend that the negative energy leaves the room, and the positive energy replaces it. If I am able, I open a window to let the negative energy escape, I do so. Palo Santo is a powerful shamanic tool for clearing and shifting stubborn, sticky, ground-in, psychic stains and heavy dark energies. (Where it is unsafe to actually light the Palo Santo, I spritz Florida Water instead). 

Once the space is blasted clean by the Palo Santo, I use the chakra sprays to fine tune myself and the room. I spray the scent, and repeat the affirmations (on the back of the bottles) 3 times. The scent and the affirmations work together harmoniously. They bind together, mind and body, in a singular intention.

Intuitively, I know which spray is right for which situation. 

The Lapis spray, clarity/vision, is the spray I the use most. I use this spray as a third eye opener. Any time I want to be creative and need to open up, this is what I use. The scent is transcendental. It’s peppery and exotic. This is magic in a bottle. My nickname for this spray is third-eye dilator.

When I need to remain grounded, especially before I perform, I use the Ruby strength/grounding spray. I also use this every day in my home. I use the essential oil version, in a vaporising diffuser. This gives me a safe place from which to create. This is my anchor sent.

Calm/wisdom, the spray for the crown chakra, is what I use before I go to bed. It connects me to the highest power. The lavender has soothing properties that help reduce anxiety and aid sleep. When we sleep, the resistance we naturally build up during the day, evaporates. It is then we are able to receive guidance, from our angels and guides in the form of dreams. This is the time when seeds of creativity are planted.

I use my pendulum at the end of the clearing, to check that the space properly cleansed and that I haven’t missed anything.

My crystal wand I use as a tool, to draw a protective sphere around my body. I also use it as a magnified focus point for clearing intention.

Finally, at home I sleep with a large stone of Labradorite next to my bed. When I travel, I take a smaller stone in my pocket. I have a strong connection to this stone. Labradorite, as well as being beautiful to look at, has some amazing properties. These properties include, promoting psychic abilities, balancing and protecting the aura, and strengthening intuition.


STRANGE TIMES by Brix and the Extricated Lyrics by Brix Smith

Open the curtain

Reveal the scene

Blisters of heat on a wound that’s unclean Thoughts group and gather On strings of barbed wire Roses expire Distant gunfire It’s never the same When you shoulder the pain


Strange times

Strange times


Knocking back pills

In an effort to sleep

Curing all ills

With a flickering set

Meditate daily

Comets burn brightly

And fizz through the sky

On their way to die


Strange times

Strange times


Catastrophic symphony

Discordant and viscous

Beautifully tragic

Lingering scent

Of edible death

The softest of cores

Can’t take anymore


Strange times

Strange times


Open the curtain

Reveal the scene

Of this I am certain

My thoughts are unclean

Shadows of substance

On grief covered mountains

We’re all made of glass

Until we pass.


The Rise, The Fall and the RiseI highly recommend Brix's book, The Rise, The Fall and The Rise by Brix Smith Start. A great read for lockdown.




Check out Brix and the Extricated


Twitter/Instagram: @BrixExtricated

Twitter/Insta: @brixsmithofficial

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