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How To Use Aura Sprays And Affirmations With Children

March 19, 2021

How To Use Aura Sprays And Affirmations With Children

I have wanted to write this post for such a long time, after experiencing so many wonderful stories of children using the aura sprays for their own joy and wellbeing, I wanted to share with you the power of our chakra aura sprays and positive affirmations when using them with younger minds.

One thing I love to do with my daughter is every morning when we walk to school rain or shine, we repeat affirmations “I am kind, I am brave, I am loved etc” because from helping to grow Zephorium, I know the power of “I am” especially on a child.

Our thoughts, words and feelings are powerfully creating our future and by using the statement “I am” before our sentences, we are affirming what we want the Universe to deliver into our lives. Children are powerful little creators, still fresh from Source Energy, and helping them to affirm positive statements is a great gift you can teach them whilst young.

I love to see the wonder in my daughters’ eye when she is holding and using the aura sprays, her little face lights up with absolute joy. She loves to spray them around her, offer to spray others, or guess which one her friends or family would like or need.

She is obviously drawn to the colour of the bottles, but I also know that on a more intuitive level, she is also drawn to the energy within them.

Children are naturally psychic and when we have had stands at exhibitions in the past, it’s such fun to watch the childrens’ reaction to our colourful stand. They often come running from one end of the exhibition room to the other, dragging parents behind them and stand before the rows of chakra bottles with tears streaming down their faces, transfixed by what they see and feel. I have always allowed children to just pick them up and use them as they see fit. They are totally in tune, know absolutely what they need, and usually demand that their parents buy them! Many of our customers have the set of sprays at home and just let their kids use them as they want to, often choosing different combinations daily depending on how they are feeling.

As children get older and start to become bogged down with stress of homework, they choose to have one in their bag to help them through exams. Others use them for feeling more confident or secure especially around their feelings of worthiness and stability as they navigate through friendships and emotions.

I know children see energy too. Just look at their fabulous drawings of people and animals. They paint beautiful auras around them in colours that match our bottles!

Children can benefit from the sprays by using them as tools for their development;

  • They can help express their emotions
  • Learn to be still and tune into their feelings
  • Encouraged to know the power of their minds
  • Learn self-love, self-care, self-esteem and empowerment 
  • How to be intuitive and pick up on energy



Simple changes to our Affirmations for kids

My daughter is still only 3 years old, so I keep the affirmations simple for her to understand and have shortened them to help her remember.

Childrens Affirmations Zephorium


Ideas for using the sprays with children 

  • Aura Spray Brow Chakra Zephorium
    Every morning, allow them to pick a colour to start their day and repeat the affirmation with them.
  • Let them pick one they feel is right for you.
  • Spray the Amethyst (Calm & Wisdom) or Lapis Lazuli (Clarity & Vision) on your child’s pillow just before bedtime to calm, relax and aid sleep.
  • When a child is having trouble expressing their emotions, sometimes even when a tantrum has started, try and get them in front of the sprays and ask them how they are feeling. Let them choose the one they are drawn to. Spray every few minutes until they feel better.
  • Show your child how to use the Lapis Lazuli if they don’t feel comfortable with someone else’s energy.





A general guide for helping parents

child affirmations zephorium

"During lockdown #1 I brought home our Zephorium range and instantly my daughter was all over it and picking a different aura spray became a morning ritual. I took the products back to the salon though when we were allowed back to work and I thought nothing more of it, until my daughter was saying that she missed her sprays (you know, because she owns them now). So I’m delighted to say she has her sprays back, her favourite is definitely the calm and wisdom which she uses at night time. She lies in her bed closes her eyes and takes some deep breaths when myself or Daddy spritz a few times in the air. She sleeps through the night and I truly believe the aura sprays make this difference."

- Carloine, owner of Collistear Hair & Beauty.

"I use both Amethyst and Lapis on my nearly 3 year old. He struggles with sleep and after using these two together it has helped, I now call them the sleep pillow mist! My other child is a teenager and has been moody lately, holds a lot in. He doesn't believe in the aura sprays, doesn't think they work but little does he know I spray his room and bed with all the different aura sprays at different times. I have seen a big difference in his moods, it's so wonderful to see, I just wish I could tell him the magic they are doing."

- Lisa, owner of Heel Within Therapy

It’s so exciting helping to raise this next generation for wonderful little creative genius’s. I love watching and helping them to gain confidence and to trust their intuition over and above everything else. This next generation of positive thinkers will be changing the world in ways that we can’t even begin to comprehend. All we can do is step back and watch in awe as they take thinking and creation to a whole new level.

Our Aura Sprays are wonderful tools to help bring positivity into your energy field, filled with beautiful natural aromatherapy, homeopathic crystal energy and inscribed with positive affirmations on the back of each bottle.

Disclaimers: Not to be use on children under 3 months. Spray around the aura not directly on the body avoiding the eyes and mouth, or spray on the pillow. Close eyes when spraying into the air around the body. Stop using if the child does not want them to be used or shows any discomfort.


With love, 

Lauren x


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