How To Look After Your Mental Wellbeing On Social Media

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How To Look After Your Mental Wellbeing On Social Media - 8 Ways To Create Positive Habits and Spaces Online

March 12, 2021

How To Look After Your Mental Wellbeing On Social Media - 8 Ways To Create Positive Habits and Spaces Online

Recently I have been seeing an increased discussion around social media and mental wellbeing and it really alerted me about the present and future state of our mental health and what social media is doing to it. I feel very strongly that we need to act NOW to create more positive online spaces.

Here’s a few tips I like to practice to keep my mind happy and positive whilst I’m online...
  1. I think the best thing about social media is the block button!! Unfollow anyone who triggers any feelings of being unworthy, jealous or that you are just not good enough. I hear this a lot from my clients that social media is making them feel low self worth, even when following friends. This can be hard but remember that social media is a snippet of someones day and not the whole picture. Your friend with children might post amazing activities they are doing with their children during lockdown leaving you feeling inadequate and stressed, but remember this is a picture book and not reality. You have no idea how they are feeling. So my advice, if it is causing you stress or mental exhaustion then simply unfollow for a while or, be brave and just hit the block button, your mind will love you for it.
  1. Keep news pages out of your feed, we don’t need to be bombarded with news 24/7. If you want to read the news for a small fragment of the day do it through an app, newspaper, tv or radio. Especially in 2020/21 where the news is so heavy and fear based, we can become very easily addicted to the adrenal hit of fear stories. I actually switched the news off in 1997 the day princess Diana died and it has been the best thing I have ever done. Don’t worry about being left behind, you will hear enough from news headlines and other people to know what is important. I just carried on with my day, creating my own reality and do not buy into the fear.
  1. Follow pages that promote positive mental health and wellbeing, this way your feed will be full of wonderful souls. Create a feed that is full of lovely people/brands who uplift and inspire. When I scroll through social media and see so many wonderful people doing fabulous things, ii feel such joy. There is no room for hate in my world…back to that block button!
  1. DETOX, take time away from social media, a day, a weekend, a week. I like to do it over Christmas when it’s time for me to hibernate and start to focus on the year ahead whilst reflecting on the year gone by. Another great time to do it is over the weekend when you can enjoy life without looking at screens. Get outside, be with nature and just relax, you have nothing to prove to another. Try it over full moon week for added energy and focus.
  1. Make your page a positive haven, we all have bad days and it’s important to be real, but accept that bad day and move forward. Creating posts that are real will connect a lot more with your audience than one that is all sunshine and rainbows.
  1. Never engage in hateful or negative comments, it always leads down a dangerous path. I would stay away from politics too 🙈. The hate I see online is some of the worst I have ever seen, especially on news article comments, it is just too easy to post something in anger, but its like throwing a bomb out into the world. Even if you don't agree with a certain person's point of view, step away from the keypad. Hiding behind online comments is not the way to educate people. Just focus on yourself, you create your world not by changing others but by changing yourself.
  1. Open your apps with purpose, say to yourself what you intend to do in the app and set goals. Don’t just mindlessly scroll.How many hours have we lost just mindlessly scrolling, well your phone could actually tell you how long you spend in an app. I love to open instagram now and checkout what my top favourite accounts are up to, comment on 5 or so posts, post my own content and watch a few stories spreading love and positivity as I go.Try taking a few deep breaths before you pick up your phone and set the intention of what you want to achieve, that way you are more likely to attract it.
  1. Comment on people’s posts that you feel might need the love and support from someone, even if you are a stranger. Make them feel seen and heard. In counselling we call this giving ‘positive strokes’ and it is something I just love to do. Take the time to appreciate people and send out the love. Most people post on social media to be heard and seen and in most cases that person has taken quite a lot of time preparing their post, so where you can let that person know they have been heard. It can really make someones day.
Obviously we are very passionate about positive thinking and I have built my company through this ethos (see my story here), so if anyone is ever struggling I am always here for a chat. Let’s make social media a healthy place for children and future generations. Don’t forget to be brave with that block button and loving to those you connect with.
With Love,
Sarah x
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