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Shop our range of heart chakra aligned oils, infused with Rose Quartz energy to heal the heart from past trauma and Emerald Crystal to to find balance and protection.

Rose Quartz Crystal blended with Rose Oil

Emerald Crystal blended with Jasmine Oil


We have two heart chakras in our range as we understand the importance of our heart energy plus the necessity to balance the male and female aspects of this chakra. The pink is the divine feminine, healing and balancing any past hurts or lost loves. Blocks to this chakra can be the inability to heal from past wounds and life experiences. The healing of this chakra involves opening the heart centres to trust that love is all around us and flowing towards us at all times no matter what we are seeing with our physical eyes in the world.

"Love flows towards me from every direction. I relax into peace."

The green aspect of the heart chakra is the masculine and the ability to both give and receive love. Most people are great givers and unconditionally give til they drop! But receiving love is equally important and the ability to balance the two leads to a full and happy life.

"I am in perfect balance, giving and receiving love in equal measure."