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Meditation Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Frankincense


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Pure Aromatherapy Vegan Bath Salts

Clarity & Vision

Lapis Lazuli Crystal & Frankincense Oil

"I see the truth. My future is calm. My past is healed and released."

Frankincense bath salts, infused with lapis lazuli crystal and blended with 3 powerful salts. Packed with goodness and over 84 natural minerals. A healthy way to increase magnesium and sulphate in the body. Natural patchouli flowers imbue their energy and fragrance along with pure aromatherapy.

powerful combination of Frankincense and potentised Lapis Lazuli Crystal, said to aid our clarity and vision, whilst helping to rebalance the Brow Chakra.

Frankincense, Lapis Lazuli and the Brow Chakra
For centuries Frankincense has been used as an aid to achieving deep spiritual connection through meditation and prayer. It helps relieve anxiety, stress and breaks negative past associations. Combined with the vibrational energy of Lapiz Lazuli crystal, a protective stone, it is said to help encourage the third eye to open. Together they help bring clarity of thought and dissolve conflict.
This unique blend is aligned to the Brow Chakra also called the ‘third eye’ is located at the centre of our forehead, and is the centre of our perception of the world.  When the brow chakra is in balance, we ‘see’ clearly and have a deep understanding of what we are witnessing around us and in the world.

This blend works brilliantly as a space clearing tool, we use it to clear a room from others energies and to protect ourselves. It may also benefit those who are have unexplained depression and mental fatigue, those who have unreleased anger and repressed feelings, as well as those who are under physic stress and have difficulty tuning into their natural physic ability.

How to enjoy: To re-balance your chakras, pour into running bath water, repeat the affirmation whilst relaxing into peace. Top up with our refill bags.

Natural & Organic Ingredients - 100% Recyclable - Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - No GM

2-4 luxury baths. 200g.

Ingredients: Dead sea salt (maris sal), Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate) Himalayan salt (maris sal), Bicarb of Soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate). Patchouli flowers (Pogostemon cablin), Frankinsence oil (boswelia carteri), patchouli oil, (pogostemon Cabin), homeopathic lapis lazuli crystal.


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Fabulous smelling and really relaxing

Loved these bath salts- totally natural and smell divine! Thank you, Zephorium!