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Illumination Wellbeing Gift Set


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Vibrational well-being gift set focusing on emotions & the power of the mind.

Infused with Obsidian and Selenite crystals in 6 frequencies

Dissolve the shadow of illusions with our NEW Illumination Collection. This unscented high vibration crystal essence collection has been designed to enhance clearing out old patterns and bring in the light.

This gift box contains our Zephorium Illumination collection;

1 x Illumination Aura Spray (100ml)

1 x Illumination Body Oil (100ml)

1 x Obsidian Crystal and 1 x Selenite Wand to aid in meditation.

Plus affirmation card and free downloadable meditation.

We recommend using the products daily whilst repeating the affirmation “I Am Awake” to train your brain into new patterns of thought and vibration. To help enhance the experience, there is a link to a guided meditation by the founder of Zephorium. This will slow down your thoughts, deepen the experience of these products and help to affirm positive change in your life. 

How to enjoy:

Aura Spray: Spray around your aura daily repeating the affirmation “I Am Awake”. Can also be used for meditation with the crystals. See inside for details.

Body Oil: Use on the skin,  bath,  hair or massage. This easily absorbed silky pure oil is full of antioxidants, natural vitamin E, linoleic acid and omega fatty oils. It is an anti-aging, hydrating antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil. Use daily repeating the affirmation.

For added fragrance and chakra balancing impact, put a few drops of one of the Zephorium blend aromatherapy oils of your choice into the bottle, shake and use on specific chakras or all over for body bliss! 

Awake: To emerge from sleep, to become completely conscious with knowledge.


Aura Spray Ingredients: Spring water, natural alcohol as preservative. Obsidian & Selenite crystal vibration in 6 frequencies.

 Body Oil Ingredients: Spring water, natural alcohol as preservative. Obsidian & Selenite crystal vibration in 6 frequencies.


Customer Reviews

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Katie Ireland

Absolutely thrilled with this set. Can’t wait to order mores Thankyou x

It’s so beautiful

Thank you, gift arrived beautifully packed.
It was one of my first Christmas gifts for a friend and I cannot wait to see the happiness on her face when I present it. I love all your products and often buy them and a gifts for my friends and family. They are very thoughtful and cute.
Thank you