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Balance & Protection with Jasmine Oil Affirmation Coconut Wax Candle


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Our Balance & Protection pure coconut wax candle opens the heart chakra to loving the self and others.

  • Blended with the depth of heady jasmine and the freshness of mint to lift and inspire. The cleansing and fortifying energy of juniper and lemongrass helps to spring-clean our mind and allow goodness to flow.
  • Infused with vibrational Emerald Crystal energy,  which is said to be a wonderful cleanser and balancer of the heart and mind.
  • Balancing the Heart Chakra, the Yin and Yang to allow the natural flow of giving and receiving love.
  • This blend is for those who feel unbalanced in love, they can give but not receive love, those who struggle to keep friendships, or feel unstable in life or their relationships.

FREE SET OF MATCHES with every candle order until the 30th of September.

These self empowering candles are made completely of the highest quality pure coconut wax, 100% natural aromatherapy oils, infused with crystal energy and inscribed with positive affirmations for the ultimate mind, body and soul experience, whilst creating divine fragrances and energy to fill your home or workspace.

Each candle is presented in beautiful gift box that contains an affirmation card. 

Hand-poured in small batches with great love and positive intention.

Burn time: 30 hours.

Please note: Our candles are pure coconut wax and have a low melting point. If you live in a warm climate unfortunately we will be unable to send these out to you in fears the candle would melt before the package got to you. We apologise for any disappointment this may have caused. During UK summer time we are also unable to send these candles out, depending on the temperature.