Illumination Aura Spray


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Obsidian and Selenite Crystals in 6 frequencies.

Dissolve the shadow of illusions with our NEW aura spray. This unscented high vibration crystal essence spray has been designed to enhance clearing out old patterns and bring in the light.

Affirmation: “I AM AWAKE.”

Awake: To emerge from sleep, to become completely conscious with knowledge.

Natural - Vegan - Cruelty Free - Non Toxic - 100% Recyclable - GM Free

Obsidian & Selenite Crystal

Obsidian Crystal is used by Shamans to clear negative emotions, stuck energy and to harness our inner power. To help clear old trauma and family conditioning. It is used for protection and strengthening the base chakra. Selenite crystal is said to access higher frequencies and Universal Consciousness through the crown chakra. To clear blocked energy whilst helping to access our highest intuition. It is used for calm, peace, protection, purification and clarity.  

How to enjoy: Shake well, spray around your aura and environment repeating the affirmation daily for mind, body and space clearing. If you wish to enhance a particular chakra or fragrance add a few drops of Zephorium blend oil to amplify the vibration.

Ingredients: Spring water, natural alcohol as preservative. Obsidian & Selenite crystal vibration in 6 frequencies.

Presented in a black glass 100ml spray bottle.

Handmade with love and positive intention.

Customer Reviews

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Calm and Clear

I did not know what to expect when I first sprayed the illumination Aura Spray ...but after using it for a week I began to notice that I was starting to feel different . It was very subtle but I felt a clarity come over me like I " knew" . Everything that had been playing on my mind - seemed to just flow away and I was left with a serene and calm focus . It was like my whole mind had" lifted "- hard to describe - but I felt a great sense of peace. As someone who can be sceptical and does not work in the aromatherapy or beauty industry I was not expecting anything at all and to be honest I was totally blown away by this product - so much so I have bought bottles for all my friends . I now use the Illumination spray at least once a day and continue to feel great!

Incredible clarity

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started using the Illumination spray, but soon became aware of the huge increase in clarity of mind I was experiencing. I simply could "see" everything so clearly, it's like being switched fully ON. So if you can't see the wood from the trees, then use this!


I feel blessed to have been recommended this illumination spray. It really helped through a situation, I will continue to use it and it smells lovely too!

Pop Frisby
Wonderful 🌟✨

Another amazing Zephorium product..I have been using Illumination spray for a few weeks now, every morning and it is amazing.. I really feel it is helping me clear out, protect and encourage new positivity and alignment.. thank you all at Zephorium