Essential Oil Car Diffuser - Scent Diffuser

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Enjoy your favourite Zephorium scent in your car with our essential oil car scent diffusers. Perfect to give a natural and uplifting scent to your car whether you are heading out on an adventure or just heading to the local shops.

These essential oil car diffusers come in two wellbeing designs, Hansa and Meditation

Each design comes with 10 colourful pads, simply pop a few a drops of your favourite essential oil onto the pad, open the diffusers window, pop the pad in and place in your car. Attach the diffuser to your air vent, turn vent on and allow the warm or cool air to fill you car with the divine aroma and crystal energy to fill your car.

We highly recommend using our essential oils in the following blends; Strength & Grounding if you feel anxious driving, the Calm & Wisdom to feel calm and centred and the Clarity & Vision if you want to clear your car of negative energy.

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