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Zephorium Set of 8 Aura Sprays

These sprays not only smell wonderful but they're an amazing way to lighten the space around you.

The same high quality oils are blended into comforting and uplifting aura sprays. Keep them in your handbag, house or workspace for an instant uplift and reminder to keep those thoughts upbeat and positive!

Shake well. Gently spray around your aura or environment, repeating the individual affirmations. Do not spray on polished surfaces.

There are 8 different auras in the Aura Spray Set. Each spray comes in a 50ml glass bottle.

Ruby Crystal
Carnelian Crystal
Citrine Crystal
Rose Quartz Crystal
Emerald Crystal
Aquamarine Crystal
Lapis Lazuli Crystal
Amethyst Crystal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The most amazing chakra sprays ever

I was lucky to come across Zephorium at the fertility show in 2014. I've been hooked on them since. I love using them in my treatments and recommending them to my clients as well.

They are just divine sprays and everyone loves them.

Sarah who owns the business has a beautiful heart and Lauren who helps here is so helpful too,

Highly recommend this company and their products

A rainbow of balance

What is not to love with this beautiful set of sprays? They are colourful, fragrant, balancing, have crystals, affirmations and an aura about them too. They tick all the boxes and I look forward to using them in my Holist Healing business when we get back up and running again.