Inspiring Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Sweet Orange Oil

Inspiring Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Sweet Orange Oil

Pure Aromatherapy Vegan Bath Salts

Freedom & Creativity

Carnelian Crystal & Sweet Orange Oil

"I unleash fun and creativity from with me now."

Sweet Orange Bath Salts infused with carnelian crystal and blended with 3 salts, Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan. Packed with goodness and over 84 natural minerals. A natural way to increase magnesium and sulphate in the body. Natural marigold flowers imbue their energy and fragrance along with pure aromatherapy.

powerful combination of Sweet Orange Oil, Frankincense and potentised Carnelian Crystal, said to help bring freedom and creativity into our lives, whilst helping to rebalancing the Sacral Chakra.

Sweet Orange Oil, Carnelian Crystal and the Sacral Chakra

Orange oil is so uplifting and cheery, it is often known as the ‘Smiley Oil’. Refreshing and warming, it helps bring an inner glow back to our lives, encouraging fun and laughter. Combined with the crystal energy of a Carnelian, which is THE crystal for motivation and creativity, keeping us in the present moment, and encouraging vitality. This unique blend is aligned to the Sacral chakra, encouraging flow, non-resistance and acceptance of change. Located at the lower abdomen, this chakra is about feelings, freedom and balanced sexuality. When the Sacral chakra is aligned we feel emotionally stable, passionate and full of expectation for a joyful life.

This collection works wonderfully for those who are seeking more fun and light heartedness, wanting to enhance their creativity or get their creative juices flowing. This blend is also used for any kind of addiction or those who are frigid in thinking and find it hard to relax into the flow of life.

Directions: Pour into running bath water, repeat the affirmation whilst relaxing into peace. Or mix with our body oil and create a exfoliating body/foot scrub.

2-4 luxury baths. 200g.

Ingredients: Dead sea salt (maris sal), Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate) Himalayan salt (maris sal), Bicarb of Soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate). Marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis), sweet orange (citrus aurantium dulcic), frankincense (boswelia carteri), palmarosa oil (cymbopogon martini), homeopathic carnelian crystal.


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