Sarah Cox


Founder of Zephorium, Sarah Cox has been in the complimentary Health industry for over 25 years. She realised early on in her exploration into well-being, that the power of the mind may be the most dominant force in our world. She ran her Training School for Energy Healing for 18 years and is the driving force behind teaching people to use their minds and beliefs for the good of all. She founded Zephorium in 2012 which is the culmination of all her life training and experience. She is also an Inter-Faith Minister and Medium.

TREATMENTS with Sarah Cox

Working to align the chakras using a non-invasive therapy. Fully clothed this is a deep and relaxing treatment working on stuck energy and old patterns. Zephorium sprays are also used to align the chakras during treatment. 

1 x 1 hour             £80

4 x 1 hour             £295

We recommend a course of 4 x 1 hour sessions within a 4 week period to be most effective.


Reverend Sarah Cox has been working as a counsellor and Energy Therapist for more than 20 years and specialises in shifting people from life limiting behaviours and patterns. Using the core foundations of person centred counselling with the teachings of Abraham Hicks she works in a straightforward way helping you to shift your beliefs quickly.

1 x 60 minute session               £120

6 x 60 minute sessions           £680


Please contact Sarah at or 01730 858150

Sarah also runs workshops and courses throughout the year. For more information and dates please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media. Also see our training workshop dates here.