Hosted by Sarah Cox, founder of Zephorium Soul Tonic.

Taught by two wonderful ladies, Mel and Viki, who are our highly trained therapists at our treatment rooms in Petersfield.

We have been using our new facial range in our salon for about 8 months now and we have designed the ultimate natural facial and body experience. This training will guide you through our unique technique starting at the feet, moving up the body to the neck, shoulders, face and head. All whilst using the healing power of crystals.


·         Offer your clients the ultimate relaxation and bliss.

·         Learn about the products and how to use them correctly.

·         Become skilled in our signature facials and how to choose what your client needs.

·         Qualify in using and stocking our products

·         Get support from our qualified team

·         Great retail opportunity too.


The day is open to any qualified beauty or massage therapist. After the day of training and some case studies you will be able to become fully qualified with us as well as gaining CPD points.

Our day will start at 10, with Sarah giving an introduction to Zephorium and our whole range of products. After that we delve in deeper to our facial products, explaining how to use them, their ingredients and talking you through the crystals. After lunch we will talk through protocol and have demonstrations from Viki and Mel. After the demonstrations you will work in pairs to perform a practical and we will end the day with a warm drink and time for a chat and questions.

We will be using our Vitamin A carrot oil collection throughout the day as well as our brand new collections of Rosehip and Lavender, not yet launched.

Price per person is £145 per person with a non-refundable deposit of £50 required.

Spaces are very limited.

Location: Midhurst 

45 minute lunch break. Kitchen to store food is available. There are shops within 5 minute drive. Plenty of parking.


 Please bring with you one massage couch, if have one and are able to bring it with you.