Zephorium Set of 8 Face Serums

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These face serums are loaded with vitamins and there is one for each skin type, from inflamed and acne prone to dry and wrinkled. These oils rejuvenate the skin by intense hydration in the way nature intended. For soothing, nourishing and regeneration, these intense oils are used after cleansing and before moisturising, to ensure the skin receives a nutritional boost.


There are 8 Face Serums within this set and there is one for very skin type:

Ruby Crystal – Anti Inflammatory

Carnelian Crystal – Regeneration

Citrine Crystal – Dry/damaged skin

Rose Quartz Crystal – Skin Repair

Emerald Crystal – Nourishing

Aquamarine Crystal – All skin types

Lapis Lazuli – Oily Types

Amethyst Crystal – Anti Ageing



Cleanse and tone face, put 1-2 drops of oil on fingertips and gently massage oil into skin paying attention to problem areas. Leave to sink in for 5 minutes. Apply moisturiser on top to seal in the natural skin repairing qualities of the oils.


All of our Face Serums come in beautiful 30ml glass bottles with a pipette.


100% Natural Ingredients


For a full list of ingredients please view each individual product.

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