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Blissful Bath Oil and Body Scrub Set

Chakra Re-Balancing Set

Time to revitalise your bath time ritual and create a beautiful body scrub to exfoliate and refresh the skin. This aromatherapy set allows you to pamper your body with natural aromatherapy oil and crystal energy, giving you endless possibilities to create an indulgent bath experience.

Our Blissful Bath Oil and Body Scrub set is beautifully wrapped as a Zephorium Christmas present and includes;

1 x Body Oil (100ml)

1 x Bath Salts (200g)

1 x Body Brush

Plus affirmation card and instruction card.

Natural & Organic Ingredients - 100% Recyclable - Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - No GM - Non Toxic

Use the body oil to massage into the skin, or pour into the bath, or use the brush for a refreshing lymphatic dry body massage with strong sweeps along the skin moving from the heart outwards.  Then, soak in a warm bath with the salts before towel drying and smoothing the oil into your skin.

Or combine the products together to create the ultimate body scrub experience. In a small bowl mix a tablespoon of body oil and a handful of salts together, gently massage into skin, and use the brush over the scrub for an invigorating exfoliation.

Available in all 8 scents (One scent per box).

Please choose from the drop down menu to select the scent/collection you would like to order.

Strength & Grounding with Ylang Ylang infused with Ruby crystal and aligned to the Base Chakra.

Freedom & Creativity with Sweet Orange infused with Carnelian crystal and aligned to the Sacral Chakra.

Joy & Abundance with Grapefruit infused with Citrine crystal and aligned to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Love & Surrender with Rose Oil infused with Rose Quartz crystal and aligned to the Heart Chakra.

Balance & Protection with Jasmine Oil infused with Emerald crystal and aligned to the Heart Chakra.

Truth & Integrity with Neroli infused with Aquamarine crystal and aligned to the Throat Chakra.

Clarity & Vision with Frankincense infused with Lapis Lazuli crystal and aligned to the Brow Chakra.

Calm & Wisdom with Lavender infused with Amethyst crystal and aligned to the Crown Chakra.

Discover our guide to our chakra collection here.

This set is already pre-wrapped as a gift, you do not need to add gift wrap at checkout.

Click here to find the full list of ingredients for our bath salts and body oils.

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