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Essential Oil Car Diffuser Gift Set

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Now you can enjoy your favourite Zephorium aromatherapy scent in the car with our ‘Essential Oil Car Diffuser Gift Sets’. Perfect to give a natural and uplifting scent to your car whether you are heading out on an adventure or just heading out on a short journey. Beautifully wrapped as a Zephorium Christmas present and includes:

1 x Essential Oil Car Diffuser (Mala Design)

1 x Organic Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

Plus affirmation card and instruction card.

This set comes with 10 colourful pads, simply pop a few drops of the essential oil blend onto a pad, open the mala inspired diffuser window, pop the pad in and place in your car. Attach the diffuser to your air vent, turn vent on and allow the warm or cool air to fill your car with the divine aroma and crystal energy.

Our Essential Oil Blends are completely natural and organic and will fragrance any space beautifully, whilst filling the area with wonderful crystal energy. This oil can also be used to create your own massage blends, in an oil burner or aromas diffuser.

Vegan Friendly. Natural & Organic. Non Toxic. GM Free. Cruelty Free. Hand made in small batches.

Available in all 8 scents/collections. Please choose from the drop down menu.

Strength & Grounding with Ylang Ylang infused with Ruby crystal and aligned to the Base Chakra.

Freedom & Creativity with Sweet Orange infused with Carnelian crystal and aligned to the Sacral Chakra.

Joy & Abundance with Grapefruit infused with Citrine crystal and aligned to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Love & Surrender with Rose Oil infused with Rose Quartz crystal and aligned to the Heart Chakra.

Balance & Protection with Jasmine Oil infused with Emerald crystal and aligned to the Heart Chakra.

Truth & Integrity with Neroli infused with Aquamarine crystal and aligned to the Throat Chakra.

Clarity & Vision with Frankincense infused with Lapis Lazuli crystal and aligned to the Brow Chakra.

Calm & Wisdom with Lavender infused with Amethyst crystal and aligned to the Crown Chakra.

Discover our guide to our chakra collection here.


To see individual ingredients please visit our essential oil listings.


To fill your car with a natural and high quality aroma, simply flip up the diffuser lid and pick a felt pad colour to suit your mood. Pour a few drops of aromatherapy oil onto the pad and close the lid. Push the clip over the air vent allowing the air from the vent or air conditioning to blow the fragrance into your vehicle.

Top up as needed or change the pad to another colour for a different fragrance. For a full range of our beautiful aromatherapy blends to suit all your emotions go to

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