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Affirmation Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set

with Zephorium Long Luxury Matches in Match  Box

Self empowering coconut wax candles for the mind, body and soul.

Fill your home with beautiful non-toxic aroma and positive crystal energy with our aromatherapy candle gift set, beautifully wrapped as a Zephorium Christmas present for the perfect wellbeing and relaxation gift. 

Made from the highest quality pure coconut wax, 100% natural aromatherapy oils, infused with crystal energy and inscribed with positive affirmations for the ultimate mind, body and soul experience. 

Set includes;

1 x Aromatherapy Candle

1 x Box of Zephorium Luxury Long Matches

Plus affirmation card and instruction card.

1 wick with 30 hour burn time / 150g 

Matches: Purple tipped luxury long matches. 95mm long and presented in our beautiful Zephorium match box.

Ethically Sourced. Vegan Friendly. 100% Recyclable. GM Free. Cruelty Free. Hand made in small batches. 

Available in all 8 scents. (One scent per box)

Strength & Grounding with Ylang Ylang infused with Ruby crystal and aligned to the Base Chakra.

Freedom & Creativity with Sweet Orange infused with Carnelian crystal and aligned to the Sacral Chakra.

Joy & Abundance with Grapefruit infused with Citrine crystal and aligned to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Love & Surrender with Rose Oil infused with Rose Quartz crystal and aligned to the Heart Chakra.

Balance & Protection with Jasmine Oil infused with Emerald crystal and aligned to the Heart Chakra.

Truth & Integrity with Neroli infused with Aquamarine crystal and aligned to the Throat Chakra.

Clarity & Vision with Frankincense infused with Lapis Lazuli crystal and aligned to the Brow Chakra.

Calm & Wisdom with Lavender infused with Amethyst crystal and aligned to the Crown Chakra.

Please choose your scent from the drop down menu.


Please note: These sets can not be shipped outside of the UK due to international shipping regulations. We are so sorry for any disappointment.

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